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Why join MyWellbeing?

How does it work?

How can MyWellbeing help grow my practice?

Joining MyWellbeing offers a unique opportunity to grow your practice by connecting you with clients who are the best fit for your expertise and therapeutic approach. The platform provides a tailored matching system, marketing support, professional development resources, and a community of fellow health professionals. 

This helps you gain more clients, enhance your skills, and build meaningful professional relationships, all supported by a dedicated team focused on your success.

Which plan should I choose?

We understand that most of our members join MyWellbeing to meet new clients. If you're interested in connecting with as many clients as possible, we encourage you to join Matching. 

Exclusive benefits to Matching include:

  • Referrals with the right clients for your practice through our matching system.
  • Standing out to prospective clients as one of three curated matches.
  • Tracking your matches and measuring your return on investment using our client manager tool.
  • Saving up to 60% on MyWellbeing's social media, blog, and newsletter features.
  • A library of marketing trainings and other professional development opportunities to grow your practice.
  • Exclusive discounts on essential practice needs like legal, accounting, web design, and more.
  • Connecting with your peers using our provider email ListServ and Slack workspace.
  • Receiving dedicated email support from the MyWellbeing team.

Both Matching and Directory plans include:

  • Feature in our national directory of therapists and coaches.
  • Get discovered by clients through advanced directory filters
  • List your specialties front and center so you can reach the best fit clients.
  • Include audio or video introductions on your profile to encourage clients to work with you.
  • Add testimonials to your page as social proof of the quality care you provide.
  • Make it easier for clients to book a consultation by prominently displaying your booking link.

We look forward to welcoming you as a MyWellbeing member and supporting you and your practice in your growth.

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How many clients can I expect?

Additional Questions?

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What does "matched" mean?

Matched means you have been identified and recommended as one of three strong fits for the client, based on their preferences. We match for things like fee, availability, style, and specializations.

When you match with a client, you are emailed with a brief summary of the client's preferences, which you can use to personalize your consultation call. 

If the client shares their email or phone number and a desire to be directly contacted by you, that will also be in your match email. If the client prefers to follow up on their own, you will still receive the summary of their care requests.

In your Member portal, on Matching Plans, you have access to a logging system where you can see all of your matches, log which move forward and at what fee, to keep a pulse on how your practice is growing.

What happens when a potential client matches with me?

The client may choose to share their email or phone number with you during their match questionnaire, which you can use to follow up with them and encourage them forward. 

When a client matches with you, you will also receive a summary of what they are looking for in care, which you can use in your outreach and on your consultations to emphasize your fit and encourage the client to move forward into session. 

After a client receives their recommendations, we also encourage them on our end to book a consult call with you or to reach out via email for scheduling, which is an added marketing benefit.

How does insurance and fee setting work?

You can add any insurance panels you are in-network with to your profile to match with clients for whom insurance coverage is central in their care decision. You choose your own fee. Some practitioners in our network have a flat fee and most offer a sliding scale.  

The provider profile that we use for matching is not client-facing.  You enter your fee into your profile (and adjust when/if you need to). You will only match with clients who are able to invest a fee that is within your sliding scale or equal to your full fee. 

If a client you match with cannot afford your full fee but can afford an amount within your sliding scale, we tell them what your full fee is and that you can accommodate their rate based on need.  We let you know when we make the recommendation how much the client is hoping to pay.  Clients will not know the lowest rate on your sliding scale unless that is the rate they’ve shared they can afford.

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How many new clients does an average provider meet per year?

Your performance can vary depending on factors such as fee, insurance coverage, location, headshot quality, video quality, whether you participate in added marketing opportunities, and how quickly and personally you follow up with clients who match and inquire with you. Since each provider who we work with is unique and has different goals for their practice, experience can vary widely from one provider to the next.

If I am not matching often, would you help me?

Of course, we believe in you and are here to support your success! Our team provides email support and will share things like content related to getting the most out of your membership and optimizing your profile.

Matching members also save up to 60% off additional marketing opportunities to MyWellbeing's highly engaged community of 40k weekly newsletter subscribers, 85k Instagram followers, and 60k monthly site visitors. One provider wrote a blog article in 2019 that has since surpassed 1M impressions and generated consistent clientele for her for the last four years! Others have booked consults and gained clients through newsletter thought leadership features.

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