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Why did you start MyWellbeing?

Our founder, Alyssa, started MyWellbeing because of the challenges she experienced searching for her own therapist.  While working as a therapist, she understood that mental health providers experienced equal challenges in connecting with compatible clients and growing a business. She committed to using her firsthand experience on both sides to bring these two communities together. 

Our team is working toward a world where starting mental health care is normal, encouraged, and accessible. 

Do you become involved in clinical parts of the work?

We do not become involved in clinical parts of the work. We know how much training and intention goes into your work, and how deeply therapeutic techniques and styles can vary. We trust you to develop the best treatment plan for your clients.

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Do you have additional questions before joining? 

We'd love to hear from you! We’re all ears at

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We would love to welcome you to our community and to grow together.


Once a potential client is matched to a provider and reaches out, is the commitment made after the phone consult?

We understand that circumstances can vary from client to client and provider to provider. We trust the provider and client to utilize their phone consultation to establish best next steps for their particular needs. Sometimes, client and provider schedule their first in-person appointment during the phone consult. Other times, either side needs more time or additional information to make their decision. There is no obligation on either side to move forward with a match if the fit is not right.

How extensive is the phone consultation?

Providers offer all MyWellbeing matches a free 15-minute phone consultation. During the call, you can ask any clarifying information you have about the client’s needs or perspective, and share anything you’d like about your practice. You can also schedule your first in-person appointment with your match if you are a strong fit. 

We have this policy so that both provider and client gain the opportunity to screen for fit before making an even more significant time, money, and energy investment.

Is a face-to-face consultation possible?

If you'd like to offer a face-to-face consultation to clients, you can. Please allow for a free 15 minute phone consultation if that is the client's preference.

What happens if I don’t believe a client is a good match for me after speaking with them?

If you don't think a client match is a good fit for you and your practice, you can always refer the client back to MyWellbeing. We will connect the client with an appropriate resource or clinician. If you are familiar with a clinician who you are excited to connect the client with, you can refer to that colleague, as well. We want both you and the client we work with to move forward with confidence about the fit.

How does fee setting work?

You choose your own fee. Some practitioners in our network have a flat fee and most offer a sliding scale.  

The provider profile that we use for matching is not client-facing.  You enter your fee into your profile (and adjust when/if you need to). You will only match with clients who are able to invest a fee that is within your sliding scale or equal to your full fee. 

If a client you match with cannot afford your full fee but can afford an amount within your sliding scale, we tell them what your full fee is and that you can accommodate their rate based on need.  We let you know when we make the recommendation how much the client is hoping to pay.  Clients will not know the lowest rate on your sliding scale unless that is the rate they’ve shared they can afford.


How many new clients does an average provider meet per year?

Your performance can vary depending on factors such as gender, fee, location, technique/specialty, content on your web page, and how you reach out to clients.  Since each provider who we work with is unique and has different goals for their practice, experience can vary widely from one provider to the next.

If I am not matching often, would you help me?

We are always happy to help!  For members on our Professional plan, MyWellbeing offers email support.  Via email we will send you content related to getting the most out of your membership and optimizing your profile. Additionally, as part of a Professional plan membership, you will have access to content related to best marketing practices, which can help you in optimizing your MyWellbeing profile and improving your marketing efforts more broadly, too.

I’m already part of a directory. Why should I use MyWellbeing?

“I’m a member of 3 sites and MyWellbeing has truly changed the game for my practice.” 

— MyWellbeing Member (LCSW), Brooklyn Heights

Folks who join MyWellbeing’s free Directory plan have the opportunity to create a beautifully designed directory page that can be filtered for using advanced directory filters.  The Directory plan directory pages are especially effective for moving clients forward to phone consultation, since they include features like audio and video messages, custom Q&As and testimonials.  You also have the opportunity to link a calendar booking link to your directory page, making it easy for clients to schedule a phone consultation with you.

If you choose to join the Professional plan, then along with the benefits listed above for the directory page that you’ll have listed on MyWellbeing’s site, you will also have the opportunity to match with clients who are likely to be a good fit for your practice through MyWellbeing’s clinically informed matching technology.  Rather then be left alone to navigate through 1000s of profiles unsupported, folks who use MyWellbeing’s matching receive 3 curated matches based on their preferences, and as a Professional plan member, you get the opportunity to stand out as one of those 3 providers recommended to clients who are likely to be a good fit for your practice.  Along with giving you the opportunity to build your caseload, the Professional plan comes with many other benefits that will help you to improve your marketing, expand your professional network, help you gain exposure through blog writing and social media opportunities, and more! These benefits are typically not included with basic directory listings.