Scale access to mental health resources 

in a time of unprecedented change  


Virtual Group Options

Work with the best.

MyWellbeing works with over 350 of New York City’s top mental health professionals, who are all partnering with our team to offer remote and in-person support.

By working with MyWellbeing, you empower your team with access to these professionals at pre-negotiated cost savings to work through the topics that matter most to you and your team.


Mental Health Workshop Benefits

Empower your team with concrete tips and tools to better manage their stress levels, relationships, and productivity.


Join leading companies in prioritizing your team's mental health with MyWellbeing.

Customized and curated for your unique team, culture and needs.

Facilitated by a trained mental health provider.

Show your team that you care about them as people beyond their KPIs.



Attendees are encouraged to engage throughout the program, digging deep to work through problems and grow as a unit.

Great for leadership groups or individual teams. Capped at 15 people.

Virtual Group Sessions

at work

Overcoming Stress

Learn the science behind anxiety and leave with concrete, tangible tools to keep anxiety at bay.

Leading with PRIDE

Learn LGBTQ related stressors, how to best provide support, and tangible tips and tools to thrive as your most authentic self.

All experiences led by licensed therapists and mental health experts.

Anti-Racism At Work

Partner with leading Black mental health experts to provide a supportive space for your team to learn, advocate, and grow.

Relationship Health

Learn the best practices for healthy relationships with co-workers, peers, and loved ones.

Work/Life Balance

Find your equilibrium by recognizing and preventing burnout.

Grieve Mindfully

Learn to grieve mindfully and support others who are grieving.

Sleep as Recovery

Gain concrete expertise and tools to sleep restfully through the night and stay focused through the day.

Team Connection

Heighten your team’s awareness and their ability to communicate effectively with compassion.


Prompts are provided to answer in real-time at home, providing insights on the pulse of your team as a whole.

Best for larger groups or your entire organization. No attendee limit.

Workplace Wellness Programs

Dedicated Expert 

Transform your organization's culture into an inclusive and supportive environment from top to bottom. 

Install recurring high-touch leadership and executive coaching delivered through the lens of mental health. 

Group Sessions

Take a proactive approach that makes a measurable impact on your entire workforce by focusing on relatable, prevalent topics. 

Curate a series of interactive workshops and webinars that provide tangible methodologies to implement in day-to-day routines.

Scale access to mental health resources in a time of unprecedented change with interactive group experiences.