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Better focus and performance

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Relief from chronic stress

New York therapists who get you and your needs.

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Now accepting insurance:

New York therapists who get you and your needs.

Now accepting insurance:

Over time, therapy-goers notice a physical relief from chronic stress as well as an ability to tolerate and hold more stress without feeling overwhelmed

In partnership with their therapist, therapy-goers learn what may be at the root of recurring issues and patterns that surface in various environments that they can choose to interrupt

Therapy-goers express an increased ability to focus and reach higher levels of performance as therapy gives them an alternative outlet for stress relief and understanding

Over time, therapy-goers express deeper levels of connection with existing platonic, familial, and romantic relationships, as well as a newfound ability to connect with new people

Behaviors that once felt automatic, compulsive, or out of control begin to slow down and introduce more space and choice between trigger and reaction

Our services.

Through group therapy, connect with other individuals coping with similar obstacles and gain insight in partnership with a trusted, licensed guide


Work 1:1 with your therapist in a personalized, supportive, and safe environment to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and work toward your goals.

Individual Teletherapy

In couple's therapy, gain a safe space and a trusted neutral, third party to work through your relationship highs and lows and prepare for the chapter ahead.


Caroline O'Rourke, LMSW

New York

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Jeff Jones, LMSW

New York

Yvonne Romero, LMSW

New York

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Mariam Abukwaik, LMSW

New York

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Bring experts in-house to build your team's communication skills, emotional intelligence, and ability to connect and collaborate together.


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People who have completed at least 12 weeks of therapy express feeling:

Anxiety and burnout

Self-esteem and self-discovery

LGBTQIA+ experience

Dating and relationships

Family dynamics

Race and marginalized experience

Young adulthood

Women's obstacles

Career stress

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MyWellbeing is on a mission to ensure that everyone who is interested in personal growth and healing has fast access to high-quality care that works.

For over five years, MyWellbeing has supported more than 225,000 people in receiving care that fits their unique needs, largely through its renown matching technology (sort of like a dating app, but for therapy).

In 2022, MyWellbeing launched Dedicated, its in-house arm through which it hires and trains early career therapists, for four core reasons:

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Financial access

Budget is one of the biggest barriers holding people back from therapy. At Dedicated, our cash rates are 50% less than market average; we are in-network with BCBS, Cigna, and Optum/United; and we have sponsored more than $100,000 in free care for those who otherwise cannot afford it.

Ultimately, we care about you and your wellbeing. Keep reading to learn more and get started with your preferred provider today.

Quality of care

We know it can be hard to tell what your provider really "knows" or whether they will understand you. At Dedicated, we train our providers in social justice, contemporary clinical excellence, and modern technology so that they are ready when you are to pick up the conversation.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Research shows that over 75% of therapists in the US identify as white, which deepens barriers to entry for people of color. At Dedicated, 31% of our providers identify at people of color, 23% identify as LGBTQIA+, and 100% are trained in anti-racism and inclusive care.

Provider Support

Over 90% of therapists experience burnout, which puts tremendous strain on continuity and quality of care. At Dedicated, we cap caseloads, provide 1:1 and group supervision, and emphasize community to reduce provider burnout because good care begins with healthy people.

Marlena Gordon, LMSW

New York

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Nicole Pecorella , MSW-LP

New York

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