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Kim Yancey, LMSW

New York

Gianna Volkes, LMSW

New York

If you are in a life-threatening situation, please do not use this site. Call the 24-hour National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1 (800) 273-8255 or use these crisis resources.

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Ashton Santo, LMSW

New York

Everyone is going through something.
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Dedicated MyWellbeing therapists are:

"I wish I could tag my therapist who is literally my hero and has helped me with so much.

 Found her through MyWellbeing."

New York therapists who get you and your needs.


Our NY therapists offer remote sessions for $125

New York therapists who get you and your needs.

Our NY therapists offer remote sessions for $125

Finally, you can share your unique story without worrying that you need to educate your therapist about systemic injustice.

We pre-vet for you so you only work with therapists who meet your needs and availability.

 MyWellbeing therapists are trained in current events and stressors that specifically impact high-performing professionals.

MyWellbeing ensures the best possible care for you and the best possible support system for your therapist through 1:1 and group supervision.  

 Consult calls, sessions, payments, notes, scheduling and rescheduling, and more, all easily accessible from your computer or phone.

Our values.

Nothing is too small to make an impact on you, whether it be positive or negative.

Don't "Shrink" the Small Stuff

We encourage everyone to be their true authentic self, whatever that means to you.

Be You Not Them

Everybody has a unique lived experience, and your voice and perspective matters.

Everyone Deserves a Seat "On the Couch"

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Renee Hereth, LMSW

New York

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Mary Cotter, LMSW

New York

Madeleine Strassler, LMSW

New York

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Natalie Capasse, LMSW

New York

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