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Wide-ranging Expertise for Your Needs

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Demi Yoshida, LMSW

New York

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Madeleine Strassler, LMSW

New York

Maeghan Wood, LMSW

New York

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Gracie Tenney, LMSW

New York

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Jeff Jones, LMSW

New York

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Nia Millington, MHC-LP

New York

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Expertise: Fear of Failure, Chronic Illness, Self-Esteem, Artist Stress

Expertise: Burnout, Life Transitions, Social Justice, Depression, Anxiety

Expertise: LGBTQIA+ Stress, Life Transitions, Anxiety, Trauma

Expertise: Career Stress, Dating, Self-Esteem, Depression, Burnout

Expertise: Sexual Abuse, Spiritual Crisis or Transition, Trauma, Burnout, Anxiety

Expertise: Career Stress, Romantic Life, Family Dynamics, Self-Esteem

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  • Anxiety and burnout
  • Self-esteem and self discovery
  • Dating and relationships
  • LGBTQIA+ experience
  • Family dynamics
  • Race and marginalized experience
  • Young adulthood
  • Women's obstacles
  • Career stress
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