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Our therapists are offering remote therapy for physical distancing. 

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Your relationship with your therapist is key to your growth. But finding a compatible therapist on your own can be really hard. We're here to guide you.

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Get matched for freeGet matched for free

We're here for you.

A number of our therapists have put together special offerings to make it easier for you to access support at this time. 

Access reduced-fee therapy to help you manage anxiety and adjust to the temporary “new normal” of social distancing.

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Low-Fee Resources

Many of our therapists offer a sliding scale, which are fees that are lower than their full fee for people who are in financial need. This is an option that we will always consider in our matching process, according to the financial needs you share in your questionnaire.

If you need a sliding scale below $100/session, please email us at

We have also curated a list of low-fee therapy resources in NYC, which sometimes offer rates as low as $25-$50/session. Learn more and explore your options below:

Low-Fee Resources

Process your feelings around coronavirus and develop new coping strategies in peer support groups. Each group is facilitated by a trained mental health practitioner.

To ensure that mental health care is accessible for anyone who is experiencing significant financial hardship at this time, all grounding groups are free and donation-based.